Inspired by 80's games such as Dungeon Master, Wizardry or Eye of the Beholder, Dark & Under II brings the Dungeon crawler genre back to 1bit handhelds.
Explore the Kingdom of Usmal and attempt to foil a conspiracy aiming at the King's demise. Pass through various regions of the world, filled with dangerous dungeons, and battle a variety of enemies, ranging from rats to ghostly knights. Along the way you will also encounter various NPCs that will send you on errands and other quests.

The development team:
@luxregina - Original Concept / Lead Artist
@filmote - Programmer
@tuxinator2009 - Tester


You can install this game a number of ways:

Option 1 download the .arduboy file from this link and install it onto your existing cart.

Option 2 download the PPOT cart from here.

Thanks to brow1067, you can now experience the entire game - including sounds - in a web browser.

Click below to start playing but be warned, there are sounds! (click to focus - Arrow keys+Z+X)


ORDER THE BOOK (US $24.99): this link will take you to the Blurb website.

The first section of the book provides an overview of the game and its development. A second section is the strategy guide, with the maps for each levels and an overview of the quests. The remainder of the book is devoted to an interactive adventure novel where you, the reader, chooses the actions of the book's hero, Terek 'The Whisper'.


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